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Most Welcoming B&B

Safe Travel Still Available

Miss Twiggley's Tree - Billy's Favorite Book at Castle La Crosse B&B

Safe Travel Still Available Respite Away From Home In the midst of the National Disaster and spread of Corona virus, we are getting many more calls from travelers hoping to stay at Castle La Crosse.  Bed and Breakfasts are a great option right now.  Travelers who have had their plans suddenly changed or cancelled are…

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A New Year Begins

A Snowpocalypse at Castle La Crosse B&B

Hello from Castle La Crosse, where it is currently 9 degrees outside and, inside, the big old house is cozy and warm. This is our first blog of the new decade; we hope the new year is off to a good start for everyone.  There is a lot to accomplish this year!  We have to…

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Summer is Here!

Inns of Choice - Select Inns of the Midwest

Summer Weather is Upon Us! Hello from the Castle! Castle La Crosse B&B Summer weather is here, but it’s not full force yet.  Thank God!  So, we continue to work on a few painting projects and, of course, planting in the yard.  Luckily, there are several nurseries nearby and they have great selections to choose…

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What’s In the Attic?

Castle La Crosse Bed and Breakfast - Then and Now

A Look Back In Time – What’s In The Attic? A Descendant Comes To Visit Hello from the Castle! This summer, we have been very busy with guests taking advantage of good travel weather.  Brandon and I continue to learn a lot about the history of the Castle and the La Crosse area.  Recently, we…

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